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New feature for Kinect

New feature for Kinect

Remote control devices were developed to aid users to navigate through output of content. A TV remote may be located far from the user when the user desires to control output of the content, such as to playback particular television show or have a difficult time navigating to a desired position within the content.


News About Kinect

News About Kinect

Details of an immersive video games display system that projects images of the title’s environment around a player’s room have been revealed in a US patent belonging to Microsoft.

The Xbox maker describes extending graphics beyond the edges of a TV to “make the experience more realistic”.

Step By Step Tutorial

Step By Step Tutorial

This link can give online tutorial for installing Kinect into Windows.

Make Things See

Due to the late applications for other course, my research started a bit late.

Now, I am reading the book about Kinect which named “Make Things See”. This book is recommended by my supervisor. However, the knowledge on Kinect for me is Zero. As a one-man band, I should push myself harder on learning and studying this new technology.

The book is about the depth information on 3D cameras, point clouds, human movements, scene analysis and gesture detection.



Although it is only the beginning stage for me, I find this book is useful. Now I have the basic concept about Kinect. Its functions are as follow:

  • depth camera capture the data
  • reconstruct the 3D model from the data
  • manipulate the model
  • combine this model with pre-existing 3D models
  • produce new physical object with digital fabrication