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Getting Started with Processing

Because “Make Things See” introduced the programming language is Processing. So, I am also reading this book to get the basic concept on Processing. 



Make Things See

Due to the late applications for other course, my research started a bit late.

Now, I am reading the book about Kinect which named “Make Things See”. This book is recommended by my supervisor. However, the knowledge on Kinect for me is Zero. As a one-man band, I should push myself harder on learning and studying this new technology.

The book is about the depth information on 3D cameras, point clouds, human movements, scene analysis and gesture detection.



Although it is only the beginning stage for me, I find this book is useful. Now I have the basic concept about Kinect. Its functions are as follow:

  • depth camera capture the data
  • reconstruct the 3D model from the data
  • manipulate the model
  • combine this model with pre-existing 3D models
  • produce new physical object with digital fabrication

Remote Presentation using Kinect

Remote Presentation using Kinect

This is another presentation system using gesture and kinect. However, after watching the information about the system. It is in 2D and the sides are just behind the presenter. My idea is in more dynamic and involved 3D environment.    

Japan Presentation System

Japan Meiji University give presentation using gesture. The object can be dynamic re-position. The system is produced by C#. It is similar to my idea. However, I will more likely focus on presenting in front of the camera instead of this.

The Making of Marco’s Illusions

The Making of Marco’s Illusions

“Marco Tempest’s imaginative combination of computer-generated imagery, quick-cut video and enthusiastic stage presence has earned him a place in the pantheon of great illusionists. At 22, the Swiss magician won the New York World Cup of Magic, launching him into international prominence. Tempest’s award-winning television series “The Virtual Magician” airs in dozens of countries worldwide, while his lively phonecam postings on YouTube, done without post-production and video-editing tricks to astonished people on the street, get millions of views (search on “virtualmagician”). His Vimeo channel showcases his artistic side–like his recent hypnotic series “levitation,” using a high-speed camera.

Through his art, Tempest creates a highly entertaining way to be entranced by the reality-bending tech magic that surrounds us all every day. “